Save time & money with centralised contract management

Keep control over your spending, renewals & team member responsibilities

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All of your hotel contracts in one tool

Whichever contract types you are looking to manage, we've got you covered

Track your hotel contracts effortlessly

As hoteliers, we know how tough it is to work with small margins & a tight agenda...


Focus on what matters

Digitise & automate the process to keep all stakeholders in the loop. Managing paperwork & tracking contract renewals should not be on your mind.


Be up to date at all times

Secure all your documents and important dates in one  secured platform. Always have the latest data at your fingertips for any meeting, reporting or audit.


Optimise your costs constantly

Streamline your system setup effectively. Identify cost-saving opportunities & key cost drivers to activate other value adding tools or service providers.

Never miss a renewal

Contract auto-renewing can be tricky.

2 out of 10 contracts are auto renewed because of missing standard operating procedures.

Unify your vendor data — invoices, renewals — together in a clean, single view.

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Track budgets & costs

Align cost & usage of each service


On average hotels see services being underutilised by up to 30%.


Track all licenses and discover cost-saving opportunities & key cost drivers. Consolidate redundant spending by identifying overlapping applications.

Empower your team

Enable decentralised vendor management.


56% of software subscriptions are expensed by employees.

Create accountability by empowering your department managers to own their software licenses.

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Software Subscription


Phone &




The ever-changing technology landscape provides new opportunities for hotels, and thus, an increasing amount of different apps & systems. Hotelhero offers the perfect tool to keep track of all of it, simply...

Wilhem K. Weber - Vice President Distribution Technology @ Kempinski Hotels



Free Forever

Manage up to 5 Contracts

Smart Renewal Alerts

Cost Tracking Dashboard

Live Chat Support

Pro (for independents)


Everything from Starter

Priority Support

Monthly Spending Reports

Manage up to 20 contracts

+ €0.75/extra contract/month

Entreprise (for chains)

€10/extra property/month

Everything from Pro

Dedicated Account Manager

+ €0.75/extra contract/month

Frequently asked questions

Q: Are there any long-term commitments or cancellation fees?​

A: You can upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever you would like, and can cancel your subscription effective at the end of your yearly subscription period. There is no cancellation fee.

Q: Can I invite my external accountant or IT manager?

A: Yes, you can invite anyone to join your account, and you can set access permissions at the individual user level.


Q: What if I have a lot of contracts & don't have time to input everything?

A: We offer onboarding services at a low fee to help you get started faster, hassle-free



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